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Broeikas Wereld

Site designed for younger students exploring the effects of global warming using video and animations.



For the Dutch children clothing company Lamien, I have designed and animated characters to represent their online identity.
The concept revolves around a magical world inhabited by little winged girls and their everyday activities. They live cosily inside a golden egg perched on a tree branch on the outskirts of a big city. The egg, the company’s logo, is where their makers, also represented as winged characters, are busy tailoring their clothes in a flur of activities…

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Summer themes

Project coordinated by Countercreatives.nl for Effectory, a company based in Amsterdam specialised in market research. I have designed a series of 12 images centered around summer themes, and made storyboards to show how to animate the transitions from one image to the other, to make the filling of online forms a little less dull….