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Osaka Moon

Animation, design and directing  made with Submarine for an international Dutch architecture studio. Check out the video and more info here

Many thanks to Geert van de Wetering at Submarine and to Tom van ‘t Hof for the animation assistance at a very short notice!




For a special kind of company that helps promote cost-effective marketing, so no more annoying emails and telephone calls.

The voice over version can be found at the company’s site


MBO homepage banner

Animated homepage banner for educational website, the students are heading to their study of choice over a flowing ribbon with rainbow colors…


Cheeta Man

The birth of a new superhero in the words of his 7 years old creator!



For the Dutch children clothing company Lamien, I have designed and animated characters to represent their online identity.
The concept revolves around a magical world inhabited by little winged girls and their everyday activities. They live cosily inside a golden egg perched on a tree branch on the outskirts of a big city. The egg, the company’s logo, is where their makers, also represented as winged characters, are busy tailoring their clothes in a flur of activities…

View animation

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Delta Lloyd

What are the scenarios for the future? This was the premise for an online Flash presentation describing different scenarios and trends in our society for the coming 25 years…I have designed the presentation and navigation,  animating text and images.

View project here: (please click on the “Nieuwe Balansen’ or ‘Versplintering’ blue images embedded in the article to open a pop up window, in Dutch only…)
Online producer: Stefan Ruissen
Programming: Daniel van der Meer



Animations for online campaign,

character design by the multitalented Bobby Pola


Met Ariadne

I have designed and animated Ariadne, the hostess of an elderly and senior citizen’s institution. The character is based on the lovely Eva van Welzenis .