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cesare.davolio_we.come.01  Some of the protagonists from the Champions’League football final in Berlin.cesare.davolio_we.come.9.morata cesare.davolio_we.come.9.suarez cesare.davolio_we.come.10 cesare.davolio_we.come.10.tevez cesare.davolio_we.come.11.neymar cesare.davolio_we.come.21.pirlocesare.davolio_we.come.9.morata


Osaka Moon

Animation, design and directing  made with Submarine for an international Dutch architecture studio. Check out the video and more info here

Many thanks to Geert van de Wetering at Submarine and to Tom van ‘t Hof for the animation assistance at a very short notice!


Kika & Bob

Kika & Bob
Animated children TV series, produced by, art directed by Fons Schiedon


Lost in Time

Visual design pitch for an interactive Ipad location based game.


Concept Illustrations

First round of Concept illustrations for the on and offline communication of a renowned Rotterdam internet bureau.
The brief is to represent key people in the office and their set of unique abilities. This is a sample of a few character styles.


Asics Cartoon Newsletter

Series of cartoons for sport shoes company Asics. They are used in the monthly newsletter, with prizes to the most original and funny caption.


First round of Concept illustrations for the on and offline communication of a renowned Rotterdam internet bureau. The brief is to represent key people in the office and their set of unique abilities.




For a special kind of company that helps promote cost-effective marketing, so no more annoying emails and telephone calls.

The voice over version can be found at the company’s site


MBO homepage banner

Animated homepage banner for educational website, the students are heading to their study of choice over a flowing ribbon with rainbow colors…


Hugo Borst book

Flipbook illustrations and a nostalgic Sparta football player


Impakt Open Air festival

On 4 september Impakt Festival shows my animation Cheeta Man, also my son Eliot, the mind behind this cool superhero, will be available for Q&A, more info on the festival site. The festival takes place in a beautiful old farm on the outskirts of Utrecht, and it looks like the weather forecasts predict clear sky, would love to see you all there!


Cheeta Man

The birth of a new superhero in the words of his 7 years old creator!


Where does it hurt?

Where does it hurt? (Waar doet het pijn?)
3 portraits of the leaders form the main Dutch parties.  (Click on image to visit project).


Catalogue De Geuzen

De Geuzen Exhibition

De Geuzen, a Foundation for Multi-visual research, is been active in art and social media for 14 years. To celebrate the vibrant variety of their feminist oriented work, a retrospective opens at Stuk Art Centre in Leuven, Belgium. Since Renee’ Turner is 1/3 of De Geuzen and my beloved companion, I was happy to contribute to their low-fi catalogue by making a line drawing of every single item exhibited, and that is a lot of  drawings!.

Exhibition runs until 6th June 2010.


A new site

One of the most difficult things to do is to be your own client, you never quite hit the target, or so it seems at times…but in rethinking the design and multi-purposes of my site I am happy to say that the resulting flexibilty, ease of use, and possibility to expand its varied content in a structured way feels like an important step in the right direction.

So here it is, in its modular glory, for which I am very grateful to the extremely helpful Ap at Alsjeblaft, from now on  it’s all about visualising..;)


Broeikas Wereld

Site designed for younger students exploring the effects of global warming using video and animations.



For the Dutch children clothing company Lamien, I have designed and animated characters to represent their online identity.
The concept revolves around a magical world inhabited by little winged girls and their everyday activities. They live cosily inside a golden egg perched on a tree branch on the outskirts of a big city. The egg, the company’s logo, is where their makers, also represented as winged characters, are busy tailoring their clothes in a flur of activities…

View animation

See more images on Flickr…
View site


Kunsthal Doeboek

A ‘Doeboek’ is the equivalent of an activity book. Children can read it and get inspired to follow some of the ideas in it, hopefully adding to their play experience. That is why the Kunsthal in Rotterdam published this book to coincide with their summer exhibitions and to encourage children to explore the museum and get to know the art works a little better.

See more images on Flickr


Summer themes

Project coordinated by for Effectory, a company based in Amsterdam specialised in market research. I have designed a series of 12 images centered around summer themes, and made storyboards to show how to animate the transitions from one image to the other, to make the filling of online forms a little less dull….


Delta Lloyd

What are the scenarios for the future? This was the premise for an online Flash presentation describing different scenarios and trends in our society for the coming 25 years…I have designed the presentation and navigation,  animating text and images.

View project here: (please click on the “Nieuwe Balansen’ or ‘Versplintering’ blue images embedded in the article to open a pop up window, in Dutch only…)
Online producer: Stefan Ruissen
Programming: Daniel van der Meer



Animations for online campaign,

character design by the multitalented Bobby Pola


Met Ariadne

I have designed and animated Ariadne, the hostess of an elderly and senior citizen’s institution. The character is based on the lovely Eva van Welzenis .