TU Delft: Image Motion Experience, and popcorn….

These are some photos and screenshots from the animations made at TU in Delft where I gave a masterclass in storyboarding, drawing and 2d animation. The brief was simple: take a movie, analyze a scene, and re-script it in the form of a storyboard, to be then animated. The students had a short amount of time to get to grips with the inner workings of software such as Flash and After Effects, but they all jumped in at the deep end and I have to say with amazing results, movies like ” the da vinci code’, ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, ‘Rear window’,  ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Citizen Kane’, and ‘From dusk ’till dawn’ got a radical makeover, in the process we killed loads of Bhudda’s…
The results can be seen on the BBBDelft channel and the preparation work at the blog

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